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Alexander Hamilton Economic Program

Alexander Hamilton Economic Program Alexander Hamilton is an amazing disputable pioneer whose commitment to the United States economy is undisputable. He is known to have worked intimately with Presidents Washington in molding and remolding the American economy after the unrest saw in the country.Advertising We will compose a custom basic composing test on Alexander Hamilton Economic Program explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More His essence in the money related agendas came up as a bit of leeway to the American development whose economy was going down in light of the European’s business rivalry. He significantly changed the American banking, fabricating, and horticultural division to contend better with the European organizations. This lead to foundation of Central bank and the bank of United States that was like the bank of England. His arrangement by the national government as the budgetary secretary was a test to him since he needed to coordinate administrative monetary strategy as the treasu ry secretary. His incredible concern was the manner by which the legislature could conquer their past obligations by the administration to guarantee great start. That is the point at which the protections in type of bonds were offered to individuals to safeguard the obligation issue the nation (Dolbeare, Cummings, 2009). A portion of the choices by Hamilton were dubious particularly on horticulture and focal banking. Individuals created dread on the chance of the disappointment of the national bank in light of well off regulators and other urban individuals. Then again, Hamilton needed United States to act naturally adequate in horticultural part. This would debilitate ranchers from getting sponsorships from the administration yet rather make a solid effort to create items that could without much of a stretch contend at the global markets. This was probably going to profit the ranchers once they sold their items locally. What's more, the American government was to profit by the expa nded fares of the rural items to get income to purchase the imported made great (Dolbeare, Cummings, 2009). The program uncovered the compulsiveness in Hamilton and he was resolved to make useful moves to the central government as the fund secretary. A few choices were acceptable and extolled by various individuals yet a few people were disillusioned by the world class disposition and focusing on the British monetary advancement models. This changed America into an entrepreneur country and the administration got more grounded. From these reports, obviously the administration couldn't get rid of their commitments and contribution in â€Å"private sector† financial issues. The legislature is a controller through different strategies. These arrangements determine the prerequisite by the private area exercises to guarantee there is acceptable working environment.Advertising Looking for basic composition on political theories? How about we check whether we can support you! Get you r first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The private segment will be controlled through grants and permit to ease unlawful organizations and associations working without following the necessity. This will turn away unreasonable rivalry among the private areas (Dolbeare, Cummings, 2009). Then again, the American government must be associated with the â€Å"private sector† financial undertakings to extend advertise and upgrading the connection between various governments. The administration workers will search for business sectors for good delivered locally while there can be a few arrangements or understandings between countries to postpone expenses and levies engaged with exportation, and importations of items. As indicated by Hamilton, it was clear that American government must be associated with enabling the makers to focus on the reasonable creation. This implied specialization on the best chances while the nation could get different items for different districts. The adminis tration ought to be associated with the guideline of the private division just as offering help on business issues. Reference Dolbeare, K.M., Cummings, M. S. (2009). American Political Thought (sixth ed.). Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.

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I needed to become familiar with it. I understood that most freedmen could procure a superior living for themselves and family by sharecropping. After servitude finished a large number of them had no cash, food, or haven to help them. Likewise I pondered the amount America has changed, since the mechanical upset. I don't know any individual who accomplishes farming work any longer, however I know there are as yet a couple. A large portion of the work that is should have been done now for horticultural work has been taken over by machines.Antonio Vivaldi, George Frederic Handel, and Johann Sebastian Bach were all extraordinary music arrangers. Despite the fact that they're all are very well known, Vivaldi was one of the best. There are a few contrasts between the writers that make them all one of a kind. Vivaldi played the violin while Handel and Bach both played the organ. Vivaldi and Handel both are Italian and Bach is German. This wellspring of various foundations is the thing that makes their music style different.Vivaldi grew up being a section f the brotherhood, and Bach grew up not having a lot of individuals like him in light of the manner in which he saw things. Handel joined the Italian style with an interesting French tune and made his own sort of music. Despite the fact that there are numerous contrasts between these writers, they all were not popular during the time they were alive. Bach and Vivaldi were referred to more as an entertainer as opposed to as a writer as a result of the manner in which they performed. These arrangers created their very own style, In an approach to please and prostitute there crowd.

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Why You Need To Rewrite Your Essay Writing Topics

Why You Need To Rewrite Your Essay Writing TopicsIf you have just finished writing your essay, your first thought is probably that you need to revise it, perhaps with essay writing topics grade 6. This is understandable. You need to make sure you are working from a solid foundation of knowledge and analysis and not going into new territory.You need to use your own experiences and knowledge and apply them to your final revision to make sure you do not screw up your essay by over thinking things. It's easy to get sidetracked when writing an essay; we often do not pay attention to the critical details. If you don't pay attention to the little details of your essay writing topics grade 6, you might be in trouble.What happens when your essay is full of technical terms? Let's say your class is working on International Relations. The semester will have taken you through many different concepts. If you forget the difference between using geographical names and adopting generic conventions, o r if you become confused by differences in the semantics of a term, you might end up having an essay that doesn't make sense.The point is, there is a lot to do when you're actually studying and trying to find out what people are actually doing. Even when you write an essay, there are lots of opportunities for revision. In fact, you might find that it is helpful to write an essay and then rewrite it a few times before you send it off to your teacher.The reason why this is true is because as you revise your essay, you realize that you didn't really get all the important points across. Now you can turn around and look at your essay writing topics grade 6 and see where you made some mistakes. These errors don't need to be major, but you need to find the ones that are because this will help you when it comes time to rewrite your essay.Many students find themselves in this position when they are preparing for their essay or term paper. Once you realize that you have some basic knowledge a bout the topic, it is much easier to write an essay on it. You can take a look at your homework. When you are done with the essay, you'll be able to notice whether or not you have made the right choices on your essays topics grade 6.You will also be able to spot mistakes that you might have made on your essay writing topics grade 6. If you notice anything that is not clear or not properly implemented, you can bring it up to your instructor and find out how you can correct it. He might also be able to help you with a thesis statement or other key element that needs to be developed.By writing an essay, you can learn a lot about different points of view. This is the reason why you might be able to write an essay that is far more successful than one that is just based on studying. As you study, you are learning and having an essay on a topic that you know very little about will certainly show that you have had a lot of learning to do. As a result, your essay writing topics grade 6 will be better than it was before you started.

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Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation Essay - 1797 Words

Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation CJA 394 Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation The criminal justice system is an essential aspect of American society as well as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The purpose of laws is to protect society from harm, ensure everyone’s safety, and equally treated. The criminal justice system works to protect the innocent and punish the guilty without violating the rights the criminal suspect to avoid any injustices. As society evolves the criminal justice system needs to evolve so it is important to create new laws to keep up with the evolution and new trends. As new trends and contemporary issues develop in society, they can have a direct impact on the different functions of the criminal justice†¦show more content†¦Every day DNA technology becomes more advanced and innovative, for example can match the smallest amounts of biological evidence to a criminal offender. Future DNA techniques will be applied to existing systems and testing methods that will become more automated and will be more effective and les s time consuming. Instead of waiting months of DNA results the future will provide instantaneous means for DNA profile development. Repeat offenders have become a dilemma for the criminal justice system because the repeat offenders are unresponsive to incarceration. Supporters of Proposition 184, known as Three Strike Initiative, insisted lengthy sentences for repeat offenders would reduce crime (Legislative Analysts Office, 2005). New sentencing policies Three Strike laws will have a major impact on society and the criminal justice system in the future. The state of Washington was the first state to adopt the new three strikes policy in 1993 in response to the high recidivism rates and the murder of Polly Klaus by a repeat and violent criminal offender. California followed suit and is to have the harshest three-strike laws, which classifies felonies violent and serious. Soon after California adopted the three strikes law about two dozen other states joined. The law mandates if a person has two or more previous serious or violent felony convictions, sentence of 25 years to life would be a mandatory (Law Info, 20 12). The goal of theShow MoreRelatedCriminal Justice Trends Evaluation1581 Words   |  7 Pages394 WEEK 1 Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation John Doe CJA 394 October 01, 2001 Jane Doedy Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation The criminal justice system is forever adjusting to protect and serve a changing society. The paper evaluates, identifies and assesses recent future and current trends affecting the criminal justice system. Lastly, it defines the values of the system in a changing society. Recent trends affecting the criminal justice system areRead MoreCriminal Justice Trends Evaluation1530 Words   |  7 PagesCriminal Justice Trends Evaluation University of Phoenix Contemporary Issues and Future in Criminal Justice People in society continuously change therefore people continue to evolve as our perceptions change. In this paper the student will assess the past, present, and future trends in the interface between elements of the criminal justice system. In the assessment the student will evaluate the criminal justice connections with surrounding society. The student will identifyRead MoreEssay on Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation1584 Words   |  7 PagesCriminal Justice Trends Evaluation Paper Jerry J Lynch Jr February 20, 2012 CJA/394 - Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice Darren Gil, Faculty University of Phoenix Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation The criminal justice field is an ever evolving field. As today’s technology changes so does the way the criminal justice field interacts with that technology. As our society changes the technology that we use will also be altered to fit the situation. The barriersRead MoreCriminal Justice Trends Evnaluatio1253 Words   |  6 PagesCriminal Justice Trends Evaluation 1 Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation December 10, 2012 CJA/394 Troy Hokanson Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation 2 Introduction The criminal justice system is very important to American society. The reason for laws are to defend society from harm, makeRead MoreFuture of the Juvenile Justice System1280 Words   |  6 PagesFuture of the Juvenile Justice System The future of the juvenile justice system is uncertain. There is a struggle to try a find a way to serve the needs of the juvenile delinquents and issue them a punishment for violating the law. In order to improve the direction of the juvenile justice system, recommendations are needed regarding community involvement, law enforcement, courts, corrections, and the private sector. These recommendations address issues that the system is currently facing and offersRead MoreThe Issue For The Social Work Profession912 Words   |  4 PagesWith its original intentions of enforcing punishment for weapons, drugs, and severe violent incidents, zero tolerance has evolved to a very critical policy that arguably pushes more minority boys out of school and into the criminal justice system. As many refuse to try to connect present day issues of race within law enforcement, this issue is a pressing issue for the social work profession. Battling against a social injustice issue as such, that present s with so many disproportionate, becomes difficultRead MoreCorrections Trend873 Words   |  4 PagesCorrections Trend Evaluation Bebe Washington CJA/394 February 15, 2012 UOP Corrections Trend Evaluation In this paper the objectives that will be addressed are past, present and future trends of corrections. Also, analyze current and future issues facing prisons and prison administrators as well as the roles and issues of alternate correction systems as a developing trend. In today’s society the jails and prison pretty much function with the same protocol. In the past the history of theRead MoreCja/ 3941570 Words   |  7 PagesCriminal Justice Trends Evaluation Sean R. Callesto CJA 394 December 20, 2012 Jeromy Orton Criminal Justice Trends The past trends of the criminal justice system are how we evaluate the system as a whole, and how we strive to make it better. The present is full of ideas towards a better future involving those better ideas made in the past. With today’s society of highly educated individuals, we can only speculate on what the future of the criminal justice system will be, but we canRead MoreLaw Enforcements Perceptions And Preparedness956 Words   |  4 PagesGraduate Certificate Armstrong State University, Savannah, GA Graduation: December 2016 GPA: 3.50 Masters of Arts in Social Sciences in Criminal Justice and Criminology Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA Graduation: May 2016 GPA: 3.80 Thesis: Law Enforcements’ Perceptions and Preparedness to Address Child Exploitation via Hacking Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA Graduation: May 2014 GPA: 3.50 (Cum Laude) WORK EXPERIENCE Gulfstream AerospaceRead MoreCorrections Trend Evaluation Essay1338 Words   |  6 PagesCorrections Trend Evaluation Daysha Hopkins CJA-394 May 7, 2012 Hector Garcia Ed. D Abstract Throughout the United States, there are many correctional facilities that house thousands of inmates. Individuals who work within these facilities have a tough job in maintaining the prison facility and the inmates. Correctional officers are called the front line workers and are responsible for looking after the inmates. The officers who work for the correctional facility deal with issues that may

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Case Study Compensation And Wal Mart - 1185 Words

Case #4: Compensation and Wal-Mart Introduction When most people talk about Compensation they tend to think about money and getting paid. Well they are partially correct in that you do receive something mainly money for a service someone has done. Compensation refers to money received for work, such as wages, salaries and tips, while the word benefits describes job extras provided by the employer. (Frenz, 2016) Employees can also receive benefits from their companies like health and dental insurance, life insurance, paid vacations and many other benefits that with help their employees. When a company has well designed compensation and benefits plan it will assist in attracting, motivating and retaining the best personnel for the job in your company. Compensation can also be what a company may pay as fair wages while also allowing their employees the opportunity for hard working employees to work their way up to the higher-paying jobs within their respected companies. Topic / Issue Identification Compensation has been a real problem for Wal-Mart associates and anyone who has ever worked there during its entire existence. The problem can be attributed to the large diverse pool of associates that Wal-Mart has. There are so many stores that are either located in the United States and numerous countries throughout the world. With having so many employees, about 2.2 million in-stores has led to this very issue of compensation that we have today. Under the Career / BenefitsShow MoreRelatedThe Importance Of An Integral Workforce Within The United States Economy1704 Words   |  7 Pagesprevious court cases that used the FSLA to determine possible future outcomes when a legal issue involving the statue arises. Tyson Foods, Inc. v. Bouaphakeo: Background The war between the working class and the elite took another standoff in Tyson Foods, Inc. v. Bouaphakeo, which was brought before the Supreme Court in 2015. The ruling was announced on March 22, 2016 and awarded legal victory to Bouaphakeo and his fellow workers. The case granted the workers legal compensation despite classRead MoreCase Study : Compensation And Walmart1291 Words   |  6 Pages Case Study 4: Compensation and Walmart Introduction Not too long ago, Wal-Mart was displayed in Fortune’s top 10 admired corporations. Wal-Mart’s founder, Mr. Sam Walton, built the company with the intent to please the community and the employees, and establish a strong corporation. His philosophy was based on innovative systematic strategies and approaches geared toward decision-making and improving the business. In recent years, there has been a decline in the corporation’s reputation, dueRead MoreCase Study : Legal Issues And Wal Mart1573 Words   |  7 PagesCase Study 5: Legal Issues and Wal-Mart Introduction Wal-Mart is one of the largest retailers established worldwide. With the corporation’s growth rate and international recognition, the demand to employ millions of associates, to support its operation, and at a rapidly expanding rate. Because of this, there are potential issues that develop around its growth and reputation, that lead to legal situations. Author, Timothy Jordan on Workplace Fairness (2016) notes, â€Å"all too often, these headlinesRead MoreUse the Stakeholder Model of Business Environments to Critically Examine the External Environment of Asda Wal-Mart as Outlined in the Case Study That Follows.1219 Words   |  5 Pagesenvironments to critically examine the external environment of Asda Wal-Mart as outlined in the case study that follows. Each organisation has a unique external and internal environment that has unique impacts on the organisation. A stakeholder’s analysis categorises that environment determining whether an organisation or a person has any low or high interest and power over the business. Based on The Asda Wal-Mart case study, stakeholders are consecutive: HIGH INTEREST LOW INTEREST H I Read MoreCase-Study Wal-Martstores in 2003886 Words   |  4 PagesCase Study Wal-Mart Stores in 2003 The Wal-Mart Discount Inc. was founded in the year 1962 by Sam Walton. The concept behind his retail-stores was to transfer the discount store model from bigger cities to small towns. This was at that time a bold move which resulted in virtually no discount-store competition near the newly founded markets. Another advantage of Waltons stores was the idea of volume. The strategy lies in purchasing the goods at lower prices and selling the goods to customerRead MorePositive Attributes of Walmart1565 Words   |  6 PagesWal-Mart Introduction Wal-Mart, the largest private employer in the globe and the third among the largest corporations in the world, is known to apply a wide range of logistic and supply chain techniques in meeting the dynamic demands from their clients. Additionally, the need to stay at the top in the world of business has made this concept mandatory for the multinational organization. Wal-mart, in its drive to achieve these ends has presented a number of implications, not only to the organizationRead MoreWeek 7: Textbook Case Study1163 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿12/11/2011 Week 7: Textbook Case Study Save Money. Live Better – Walmart and Unions Interpret the Slogan Differently 1. I honestly feel that there is way more disadvantages than advantages with Wal-Mart working with a union. Union women and men are more likely than nonunion workers to have health and pension benefits, and to receive paid holidays and vacations, and life and disability insurance. In the Wal-Mart case, I find this hard to believe. I think that Wal-Mart, being the large companyRead MoreInvestment and Burgundy Asset Management916 Words   |  4 PagesFIN 6310 Case Studies Purchase Case Studies (4) †¢ Ivey Case Studies (2) o You will need to create an account at o Then search for and put the following two cases in your cart. Download the spreadsheets. o Burgundy Asset Management: The Wescast Investment Decision o Burgundy Asset Management: †¦. Spreadsheet o Valuing Wal-mart 2010 o Valuing Wal-mart 2010 – Spreadsheet for students o CheckoutRead MoreWalmart Management1714 Words   |  7 Pages Wal-Mart Stores: Managing Diverse Organizations By Angela L. Farrish Webster University Ms. Amy Thenor December 2011 Wal-Mart In 1970, Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart implemented an extremely significant warehouse distribution system. This new system evolved into Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and in that same year the company was publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The company began to expand extremely rapidly throughout the 70’s. During this period Wal-MartRead More Wal-Mart Case Study Essay1116 Words   |  5 PagesWal-Mart Case Study Case Review and Recommendations As we have reviewed and studied the strategy, culture, finances and the challenges and successes at Wal-Mart, there are many strategies we see that the company must undertake to hold its dominate position and drive further growth. Herein, we define our top four. These core strategies include: rebuild and recreate its reputation in the face of recent challenges; continue to show price leadership; improve the customer experience; and drive

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Articles about Involvement in Gang Violence and Methods of...

In low income areas and large cities, gang violence is a major problem many parents hope their children will avoid. Unaffordability makes the option of relocating out of the question for the majority of families. Very few people from neighborhoods such as this are able to go to college because of the expense and lack of motivation from the students. Scholarships are the only hope for kids who grow up in environments like downtown Oakland or Berkeley, California. Scholarships can only be granted through outstanding skills in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities, though, not because a student has the ability to stab with a knife, torment innocent pedestrians on the street, or shoot a gun from a moving car. Solutions to†¦show more content†¦This resulted in Lawson abandoning the dream of a prosperous life followed by him retreating to the acceptance of gang life. Dohrmann’s article uses a strong voice of pathos as he describes several years of Lawson’ s life. The argument is entertaining. Having been published in Sports Illustrated the purpose was to be an engaging read, yet Dohrmann fails to state any specific claim to identify why he believes sports are not the solution for students to avoid gang involvement. His only proof is that such a dream was not attainable by Lawson and several other young men mentioned within the passage. The only statistics provided are irrelevant to the argument, but help the reader connect with Lawson on a more personal level. Dohrmann does make it clear that gang violence is growing, at least within the city limits of Oakland, California where â€Å"there were 127 homicides last year and 148 the year before, which was up 68% from 2004 [†¦] Gang violence in Oakland [was] so bad that last year Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger committed officers form the state’s highway patrol to help stem the violence† (401). Yet, he fails to state how this number has been affected because students have o r have not been involved in sports teams rather than gangs. The argument is well-organized, told in chronological order of Lawson’s journey. However, the article falls short when no specificShow MoreRelatedViolence in Youth1171 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Youth violence is defined as violent behaviour that begins early in life and continues throughout subsequent stages of life. Youth violence may include physical and emotional harm, and minor crimes, escalating to murder (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). Youth are recognized as being between the ages of twelve and twenty-four however, teens are the most affected by violence than any other group of youths as they are habitually perceived as the most violent age groupRead MoreThe Endless Battle with Prison Gangs1689 Words   |  7 PagesEndless Battle with Prison Gangs As the years pass, the rate of gang affiliated crimes in the Unites States has progressed extensively, accumulating more inmates into our major prisons doubling the maximum occupancy that the jails can hold. In the U.S there are currently 33,000 active violent street, motorcycle, and prison gangs with a recorded 1.4 million members combined. The registered number of police officers is a mere 683,396; which is not even half of our countries gang population. IncrediblyRead MoreJuvenile Crime Is The Number One Priority3511 Words   |  15 Pagesfederal laws preventing violence crimes are becoming more detailed and protected. However, it does not seem to stop criminals from committing illegal acts, especially for at-risk children in the city of Chicago. According to ABCNews, Chicago’s Murder rate is four time higher than New York City (Rosenzweig). Juvenile gang activities are without a doubt, a reality, and is increasing uncontrollably in the city of Chicago, IL. Even though t here is no universal definition for â€Å"gang†, the National InstituteRead MoreEssay about Gang Violence in Philadelphia2405 Words   |  10 Pagespresence of gangs, and the streets are run by unruly groups of fearless young adults. Gang violence in Philadelphia is a major issue, and the citizens will never be safe until gang prevention occurs. Gang prevention is not a simple task, but with the right resources available, it is possible. Gang violence is a problem that will contribute to the collapse of Philadelphia, and it has yet to be solved throughout many generations. With gang violence on the rise, the best solution to gang violence is to educateRead MoreNotes On Delinquency Prevention Programs4174 Words   |  17 PagesRunning head: DELINQUENCY PREVENTION PROGRAMS 1 16 17 Delinquency Prevention Programs Alton Johnson American Military University Abstract This research paper will describe a variety of delinquency prevention programs as well as why they are beneficial for today?s society. Pivotal questions regarding the purpose of delinquency programs will be addressed through proven and current research. These programs when coupled with increased parental involvement are proven to be more effectiveRead MoreAdolescent Violence And Youth Violence2265 Words   |  10 PagesAdolescent violence has turned into an expanding issue in the U.S. youth violence and young people raised in the 1990s and has stayed high. Youth are the in all probability gathering to be casualties or culprits of high school violence, however the after effects of teenager violence influence everybody. Youth brutality insights demonstrate this is a significant issue: A normal of 15 youngsters are killed every day in the U.S., and more than 80 percent of those are killed with firearms (Khey, 2008)Read MoreThe Subculture Of The United States2690 Words   |  11 Pages would like to know more about in the sociology field is the study of how people reject the primary society’s ideas about what values, beliefs and traditions they should follow. Within these subcultures we find the subculture of gangs. Every community has to deal with gangs in one way or another. Mostly we hear about gangs in big cities but there are gangs in every state of the United States of America. The history of gangs has been dated in America from the beginning with the gangs of New York City thatRead MoreEssay on School Safety: Protecting the Students1921 Words   |  8 PagesSafety: Protecting the Students For many students a positive academic environment is increasingly harder to obtain. This is mainly due to their lack of safety. Whether it be inside the classroom or out. Unfavorable situations at home, psychological stability, physical dangers and violence all contribute to this evident shortage. There have been investigations on how organizations, teachers and parents collaborate together in todays society to influence the students understanding of safetyRead MoreViolence Among Youth3553 Words   |  15 Pagesgreat nation. In India, 480 million are less than 19 years old. India has 20% of the world’s children. [1] The recent years have seen an unprecedented increase in youth violence, often lethal violence, all around the nation. Anecdotal evidence of increase in violence by young people against women and old people, of road rage, of violence in schools, and other violent actions to get whatever they want is alarming. This epidemic, as many social analysts called it, caused serious concern to both parentsRead MoreCaribbean Studies Internal Assesment4844 Words   |  20 PagesRecommendations Page 35. Bibliography Page 36. Appendix. Introduction Problem Statement Does the participation in extra-curricular activities impact the mentality( what do you mean by meantality) and academic performance of the students within Trinity College? Relevance of Topic to Caribbean Studies. I choose this topic in relevance to Caribbean Studies because it has become quite prominent amongst my colleagues for many of them choosing to be involved in extracurricular activities

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B2B Marketing system Samples for Students †

Question: How Marketing To Business Buyers Will Be Different Will Be Different From Marketing To Home Consumer Buyers? Answer: Marketing to business buyers would be different from marketing to home consumers in the fact that business buyer purchasing decisions are less emotional and task oriented than home consumer buyers (Eric, 2016). This means targeting business buyers might not need a lot of efforts as compared to home consumers. The business buyers look for specific characteristics in a product. Some of these characteristics include economy in cost and use, quality, and productivity. This means the chances of increasing customer loyalty in business buyers are higher than in home consumers because B2B buyers tend to be more connected to an organization once they like its products. Although the evaluation process in business buyer is always longer and complex than home consumers, business marketing, in this case, will entail shorter and direct channels to the target buyers. In a business buyer marketing, different factors of promotional mix can be easily personalized than in home consumer marketing because of the relationship which exists between B2B sales people and the individual buyers. In a business buyer marketing, the process of identifying the needs and expectations of target buyers will be simpler because it does not involve dealing with a large number of people like home consumer market. Business buyer marketing will also allow inviting the buyer for private discussions concerning the dell products unlike in home consumer marketing where all customers cannot be invited for private discussions because of their size. The business buyers are always sophisticated and need to purchase the products to assist their enterprises to remain competitive, profitable and successful (Satya, 2014). This means the marketing strategy should be aimed at dealing with sophisticated buyers. Because the target buyers have high interest and some understanding concerning Dells products, coming up with a marketing strategy requires a lot of research to ensure the buyers are approached with necessary information and tactics. The Main Evaluative Criteria which the organizational buyers may use One of the main evaluative criteria that the buyer would use when purchasing Dell Laptops and Ultrabooks is engineering values. This will be based on the product quality, standardization, and testing. Organizational buyers always want to purchase products that are of high quality so that they may survive competition through selling goods that meet the customer expectations (Eric, 2014). Because dell deals with computers, the organizational buyers will evaluate whether they are of high quality, standardized and tested before they purchase them. The other evaluation criteria which organizational buyers would use when buying Dell laptops and Ultrabooks would be purchasing values. This is because organizational buyers purchase goods for resale purpose and therefore they must evaluate to see if the products will assist them in gaining profits (Dissanayake, 2012). Analyzing prices will assist them in making decision on their resell prices. The organizations will also evaluate different costs which they are likely to incur until the products are delivered to their customers. These costs include the amount of money the organization is likely to incur for shipping and forwarding the products. When the cost is too high, it means the organizational buyer will have to resell the laptops at higher prices. Being the marketing manager of Dell, these evaluative criteria will give me an advantage because Dell uses proper production process to ensure its products are of high quality. The laptops are tested to ensure errors are rectified before they are sold. The products are also sold at good prices which can assist the organizational buyers to gain profits. These criteria will assist my marketing strategies to succeed because they will build a role building loyalty and positive relationship with the buyer. They will also assist in identifying various aspects which the organizational buyers expect from Dell Company. Bibliography Dissanayake, D., 2012. Integrated Communications, Integrated Marketing Communications and Corporate Reputation: Evidences from Dell Computer Corporations. Researchers World, 3(3), pp. 45-67. Eric, G., 2014. Goodbye, B2B Brand Marketing: Developing Content-Based Marketing Programs for the Post-Marketing Era. International Management Review, 10(2), pp. 58-68. Eric, G., 2016. The Marketer's Action Plan (MAP): Six Steps to Developing Effective Marketing Plans in B2B Marketing Programs. International Management Review, 12(2), pp. 122-134. Satya, P., 2014. Strategic Brand Management for B2B Markets: A Road Map for Organizational Transformation. South Asian Journal of Management, 21(3), pp. 345-500.